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PhD Student, Researcher, Speaker, Coach

From securing radar system contracts to sleepless nights with crying babies to a doctoral student? How did I get here? It’s been a life-sized experiment that informs the research I’m currently conducting in my doctoral program at Stanford University

my bio

Ervin L. McWilson II

I proudly identify as a person of color, a devoted husband, a father who took on the role of a stay-at-home dad, a military spouse, engineer, entrepreneur, and an academic. These aspects of my life are not meant to be compartmentalized; instead, they converge, intricately woven into the fabric of my identity. Through my research, I explore the intersection of a person’s identity and how it impacts the decisions they make for their business. My motivation to research identity in the context of entrepreneurship stems from people’s remarkable ability to navigate diverse roles and responsibilities while persevering as entrepreneurs.

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my experience

A Legacy of Distinction

With over 10 years anchoring my journey in the industry, I've cultivated a unique blend of hands-on experience and forward-thinking insight. This context has not only shaped my perspective as a speaker and strategic coach but also enriched the depth and breadth of the value I bring to each engagement.

Every session, talk, or project is backed by a legacy of learning, adapting, and innovating in an ever-evolving landscape.

Industry Awards

Awarded the Black Engineer of the Year Modern Day Technology Leader Award

Industries Influenced

Engineering, Education, Entrepreneurship, Telecommunications, Government

Notable Talks

US Department of State, Minority Innovation Week, Raytheon Technologies, Norfolk State University, Binghamton University


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