Ervin L. McWilson II

PhD Student, Speaker, Girl Dad, Husband

Researching Entrepreneurship and the success factors and mechanisms of Black Tech Entrepreneurs as a Management Science and Engineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University.

about me

Learn. Grow. Share.

I live by 3 words when met with a challenge or experience: Learn, Grow, Share. It doesn’t matter whether I’m researching, making important life decisions, solving a problem for my 3 daughters, or trying to tetris our family schedule to make sure we’re all where we need to be at the right time, I always ask myself:

what i offer



I’ll share my story with others. My road to the present: how I got here, and where my research is taking me next

Strategic Coaching

Empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through personalized strategic coaching


Interactive sessions for skill development and knowledge exchange


Come be a part of my work. I seek participants who want to share their stories with me. The good, the bad, the mundane, and the thrill of entrepreneurship


Who Can Benefit Most From My Services?

Connect for compelling keynotes, transformative coaching, and strategic consulting. My offerings cater to a diverse audience including:


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